Welcome to the National Whole Chain Traceability Institute at Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University (OSU) has developed traceability software that allows for the transfer of data among individuals in the commodity supply chain. The software provides a common format that is compatible existing management applications. Information about antibiotics, rates of gain, age, and any other information about the animal can be shared throughout the chain. The purpose of this system is to create a secure network for information to be shared between producer and consumer.

Previous attempts to make such a system were not successful because producers were concerned about data privacy. OSU has addressed this issue by allowing the producer to control who can see their information. Individuals own there data, allowing them to control what information others can see. This protects producers from the government using their data against them. Certain legal action would have to take place in order for the government or anyone else to accesses private information.

In order to use OSU’s traceability system, the purchase of a RFID reader “wand” and RFID tags is necessary. Currently the software is only compatible with Apple computers, but it will be made compatible with Microsoft soon. Most RFID readers will put data into a Microsoft Excel file automatically, which then can be edited and uploaded to OSU’s database.

The goal for traceability is to apply it to all agriculture products. Consumers will be able to learn where everything on their plate came from. Every component of a TV dinner will be traced back to the producer.

For more information about the NWCTI system visit the videos page or contact Dr. Michael Buser.

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Funding is provided by the USDA National Integrated Food Safety Initiative, Project Agreement No. 2011-51110-31044. Title: Advancement of a whole-chain, stakeholder driven traceability system for agricultural commodities: beef cattle pilot demonstration.