Food processing

The processor will be responsible for recording where the product was purchased, maintaining the tracking of the products distribution, how long the product was processing for, and where the product is distributed to.

Food safety

The NWCTI system will help in providing safer food. Tracking food, step by step, from farm to plate will expose any negligence in the process. Through traceability, recalling products will become a more efficient process. Being able to identify and fix these problems will help lower the risk of harmful food products making it to market.

The consumer

We strive to create a system that benefits the producers and the consumers. It is the goal of NWCTI to have a well informed consumer. This system enables consumers to share opinions on the products with the producers, and see what went into making their favorite products. Using a smart phone to scan a QR code on a product, consumers will be able to have all of the information about that product from all stages of production.